FlipClock Qt – Done

FlipClock Qt is done. Waiting for my Dev certification to submit to Ovi Store. If you want to try it first, file below.

Download the file from: *http://bit.ly/jLlwme* There is no warranty or any support for this file. I take no responsibility for anything that happens with your phone or any other devices due to this install. Only download this file if you understand the risks with a untested program.

2 thoughts on “FlipClock Qt – Done

  1. Hi,

    First thing first, like both the Apps, very useful. Feel Departure updates little slow, else lovely apps. Thank you.

    I have an observation – after installing both FlipClock and TubeStatus. I found that last app that is installed stays or probably over writes earlier one? I have tried installing both multiple times, but same observation.

    I would like to have both Apps in my E7.



    • Hi Makarand,

      Thankyou for trying the apps out and thank you for the feedback.

      Could you please clarify the Departures being slow? It is being pulled direct from the TFL site and the site is updated every 30seconds by TFL. I will check if there is somerthing else that I can do.

      Yes, both Apps use the same ID and thus get overwritter, I am updating that for you. I will upload the new versions soon.


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