GPS MeeFo 1.5.1

Jeez, this was hard. Basically there is a new QA policy over at Nokia Store HQ which is great. However, in my case they want me to add an option to disable GPS if the user wants to.

Hang on! Disable GPS on an app that only shows GPS details? How is this going to work? Well, QA doesn’t care, I must add a button that the user clicks to enable GPS use. So instead of making it a horrible UX roadblock I tried to make it into a nice Intro Page. (I think it is nice)

GPS Info Qt 1.4.8 to the store

Its been a while. So quickly, GPS Info Qt 1.4.8 is on the way to the store, the changes are:

  • Added Change Log in App
  • Privacy details
  • Fix for themes button
  • Option to create custom SMS
  • Option to pick numbers from contacts

The new version does not use the old LIBS way (thanks to @talv) to provide split screen view, it uses the Qt Components method for split screen input. I hope it works for all as per the code.

Screen shots:


GPS MeeFo 1.2 on the way to the store

Just finished updating GPS MeeFo for the N9 and N950 to be able to control theme and measurement formats. Still need to work on this to catch-up with the Symbian version which can SMS your location.

Screenshots of the new menu below.

Light Theme and other options

Light Theme and other options

GPS Info Qt 1.4.1 submitted to the store

The new version of GPS Info Qt has been submitted to the store and should be available for download in the next few days. Few of the changes are related to being able to choose metric or imperial measurements, also the ability to swap between the Coordinate being displayed as decimal degrees or degrees, minutes and seconds.

There is also a change in the power levels being displayed and an overview of the satellites in view and use. Screen shot below.

Satellite information

Satellite information

1st MeeGo Qt App. GPS Info Mee for N9/N950

It has been a while but I am happy with the v0.1 of GPS Info Mee. Plenty of screen shots below. This is limited compared to the Symbian Qt version as it cannot send SMS of your position. At the same time this has newer internal code, greater C++ integration and more satellite information.

As per my N950 Dev unit entry, all source files will be uploaded shortly.

Deb file: Save as – Please note this still an early build. No warranties, please use at your own risk.

The Symbian Qt version will be updated to have the same internal code etc, all thanks to Qt! :)

A slow down in dev. Back to speed.

There has been a lull in my updates due to my travels. It was a bad time to start travelling as I just received the new N950 for MeeGo dev as well. So far I have been able to fix the code while travelling, some minor fixes and at the same time I was able to start again for the MeeGo version.

The new versions are better coded, more CPU and Ram efficient and on top of that have even more details. One request has been to show Satellite status before getting a full fix. This has been added. The code was also redone so that the GPS Logger will work better. Full Source codes will be released shortly as part of my Nokia N950 Dev program.

Screen shots of the MeeGo version – GPS Info Mee below. Symbian version GPS Info Qt will have the same features, Qt makes it simple and easy to build for both with only minor changes.

GPS Info 1.3.5 approved – What happened?

Good News, 1.3.5 has made it to the store and everyone can update.

Why did 1.3.4 fail? No Idea. I did not change any code between the two builds, just version numbers. 1.3.4 was made with the remote compiler and 1.3.5 on my laptop with my N8. Don’t know what was the problem.

Next up? 1.4 Will most likely be the final version. Changes will be:

  • Change the internal code to multiple files as it is easier to understand for others.
  • Update code to make it run better (Less CPU and Power use)
  • Move the Back/Exit button in line with Belle
  • Create MeeGo Qt Port
  • Add additional information while searching for Signal screen is displayed.

1.3.4 Rejected by QA

Hi all, I know this has been hard but I got the email from Ovi Store and 1.3.4 did not pass QA. 1.3.4 was made using the remote compiler as I did not have my N8 to work at that time. I now have my N8 and I have made 1.3.5 and tested it as well.It all works.

1.3.5 has now been sent to Ovi Store for testing and I hope (I really really hope) that it is out soon.Sorry for the delays. (I am on holidays for 3 weeks, so not much PC time)

Problems with download of Version 1.3.3

There seems to be a problem with the latest version. It is offering an update in the store but only downloads version 1.2.5. This is due to the release date on Version 1.3.3 of 15th August 2011. I hope everyone can wait till the 15th and everything will be OK.

Version 1.3.4 is also currently waiting for Store Approval which should make sure everyone gets updated together :)

GPS Info Qt v1.3 ready for OVI Store

New version of the app is now ready for QA check. This uses the Page Stack and Page method of Qt Components, also uses all the image elements from that as well for a better look and feel.

Other Changes, option to SMS your position to a number of your choice, copy location to clipboard to share with others.

Plenty of Screen shots below: