GPS Logger Qt – Finally

Had the GPS Logger sitting there doing nothing. So finally thought I should complete it, currently it works on Symbian Belle. I will make the MeeGo version shortly. Few screen shots below. It includes upload to web for better viewing via Nokia Maps web API.


GPS Logger Qt – Early Alpha Sis file

As I am about to open to beta testing and as part of the N950 developer program. An early sis file is ready for testing. So far the phones crash out due to memory errors when rendering the tracking route via Nokia Maps API and JS.

Download the file from: * GPSLoggerQt_installer Alpha build * There is no warranty or any support for this file. I take no responsibility for anything that happens with your phone or any other devices due to this install. Only download this file if you understand the risks with a untested program.


GPS Logger Alpha – Beta Soon.

Been working on a new project, it has been good to use some of things I learnt from GPS Info Qt. It is a simple GPS Logger for those who do not wish to use a sports themed application. Needs a lot more development before I can push a beta for testing.

Check out some early and I mean early screen shots. All done with Qt Symbian Components.